White Sox’s Joe Kelly rips ‘douche’ Josh Donaldson, calls out Yankees 3B for ‘racist remark’
“Could you support a loser?”

Those are the words of White Sox reliever Joe Kelly, who just threw an allegorical heater at Josh Donaldson.

Kelly took to the airwaves to air out the Yankees third baseman for his weekend dust-up with Tim Anderson; Donaldson referred to Anderson twice as “Jackie,” seemingly mocking the shortstop with the name. Anderson didn’t take kindly to it.

Speaking on 670 The Score’s “Parkins and Spiegel” show, Kelly had some choice things to say about Donaldson and weighed in on Donaldson’s use of the jest:

“Whatever he’s (Donaldson) saying, they’re not friends. I’m half Mexican, I plenty of African American friends, but I would never say that to my friends, that are my boys.

“June 9th, my birthday, we play the Dodgers, I’m not gonna run by Mookie (Betts) and say that. First of all, Mookie probably wouldn’t have a problem with it, second of all, I would never say it, so none of those two things would ever happen. Mookie’s one of my best friends, David Price is one of my best friends, and I would never say it to David Price.


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